Disaster & Hack Recovery

Every companies or system administrator will try their best to secure the server. But sometimes your server may get hacked and in such scenario dont get panic, Just keep yourself calm and aproach us. We do plans and provide solution to restore your disastered server.

  • Modifying the Kernel settings to increase security
  • Securing tmp directory
  • Installing chkrootkit
  • Installing APF/CSF - Firewalls on the server to block the IPs/Ports
  • Software Patches and Upgrades
  • Kernel tweaking/upgradation in Linux
  • Emergency Server Administration

Hacks range from general administration to more confined hacks in the areas of network deployment, performance, security, data backup and recovery. We have an expertise administrators to work for you to get rid of your server disaster.

In addition to this we provide

Mail Support
Ticket Support
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